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Topiary Tutorial

After Christmas I tend to get the “January Blues”. The house is always so festive, bright, and cheerful at Christmastime and then after I take down all the holiday decorations, my house looks so bare! Here’s a topiary project I did last January with sweet pink flowers and a lacey white planter I found at Ikea. It was really easy and brightens our master bath.

Flower Topiary Tutorial

Floral foam for base (2)
Floral foam circle
Decorative moss
Small planter
Glue gun

Cut twigs to preferred height. I had these swirly, decorative twigs already, so I grabbed a few and bunched them together.

Use a knife to cut the foam so it will fit snugly in the planter. (Being that the flowers make the topiary top heavy, I put two pieces of foam on top of each other to make the twigs more stable).

Now the fun part! Pull the flowers off the stem and use a pen to make a hole in the foam. Put hot glue on the bottom of the flower piece and stick it in the hole you just made with the pen. Repeat, repeat, repeat! I set my foam circle on top of the planter as I worked to hold it steady.

Once it is completely covered with flowers, make a larger hole in the foam circle and then hot glue the twigs in that hole. Let it completely dry before finishing the assembly.

When the glue is dry and set, push the twigs into the center of the foam pieces in the base and add moss around the twigs to hide the floral foam.

Here’s the comparison of our bathroom before and after adding the topiary and little heart banner across the mirror:

Our bathroom is still a work in progress, but a lot more cheerful with that lovely little topiary!



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