These Lovely Burbs

road trip: florida

In March, Jordan and I had an amazing opportunity to enjoy a two week vacation. We started off with a week in Florida with Jordan’s parents at a sweet little island his family has been traveling to for 12 years! It was so great catching up with his parents, eating amazing seafood, and soaking up Portland’s long lost love- the sun!

Because we go back to the same island, the same cottage, and the same friends each year, there is a strong feeling of home on this piece of paradise. The familiar smells, sights, and faces are a treasure we cherish!

We took so many pictures on our trip that it has taken me until now to get through them all! I thought we could go state by state, starting in our dearly loved Florida…

Queenie’s icecream is a local favorite and a treat we look forward to year after year. My favorite is the cookies and cream, and Jordan loves the Butter Pecan. Speaking of pecans- these are the MOST amazing pecans I have ever eaten. Our dear friends bring these each year straight from Georgia and cook them up to perfection. YUM!

This is the path we walk each day to get to the beach. Stunning, right? We know we’re “home” again when we see this path…

And the path leads to this…

Next up- Savannah!


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