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Another Monday, another rainy day, but yet another fresh week to enjoy and be thankful for things often overlooked: fuzzy socks, the smell of coffee brewing, a list made, friends making my phone chirp, and an inspiring book. A good start to the week!

We’ve been adventuring lately and wanted to share some recent finds, both good and bad, that have brought excitement to our little home.

A sweet little picnic basket found at an Estate Sale and this fun strawberry tin from the same sale. I hope to make the strawberry tin into a candle, like I did here.

Jordan scored these great Life magazines at said Estate Sale.

And then he found it. A vintage record player, for $25 that actually works!

There is a little store connected to a U-Haul in Sherwood called “Really Good Stuff”. How could we help but to go in? Okay, so the name is deceptive. Instead it probably should be called “Old Furniture and Tools with a few hard to find cool things”. But we did find this diamond in the rough! This little book is amazing! It opens accordion style:

And is full of these sweet French scene illustrations! We are debating if we leave it in it’s original form or create something with these gorgeous pages.

We added a little moss plant to the entry way to welcome spring! (I copied the chalkboard design from Dear Lillie, a fun blog I follow)

And sometimes you find things you don’t want!! Here’s a real look at home ownership! In the picture on the left we hit a pipe when trying to hang a clothesline in our laundry room. My sweet husband had to cut out a large piece (it feels a lot bigger than it looks in this picture!) of the wall to replace the pipe, of course after being sprayed in the face with hot water. Drenched towels, a bucket of water, soppy clothes- we couldn’t help but laugh at this mess! Thank God for Shark bite and the sweet men at Home Depot for helping us figure out what to do! Also, a few weeks prior to this incident we had a leak in our ceiling due to improper installation of the flashing when our house was built. So our extra bathroom now has this lovely hole in the ceiling. We hope this is the last of our water/hole in the wall issues!

Lucky for me, I found these beautiful ranunculus at Trader Joes which made me feel better after the hole in our laundry room episode!

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