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It’s a Cheetah…

Thought I’d share this cute video Jordan showed me this past week.

A designer showed his 5-year-old a collection of brandmarks and she shared her thoughts about them. So adorable and fascinating how little minds work!

Today has consisted of cleaning the garage, multiple trips to Goodwill, and grocery shopping…. at least it’s sunny in Portland!

Happy Saturday!


Valentine’s Banner Tutorial

In honor of the beginning of February I decided to make a little Valentine’s banner last night.

I saw this darling one on Pinterest (of course!) from this great blog Simple As That and thought, “I can make that!”

Didn’t she do a great job? Here is my little picture tutorial of making the banner, but you can follow the full tutorial at the Simple As That blog here.

Here’s how I did it:

Okay, photo disclaimer… I didn’t realize until I was writing this post that the words on the page from the book seem a little sketch. Don’t worry, it’s from the book The Pilot’s Wife. Just happened to be a bad page to use for the picture. HA!

I got too excited making the banner that I forgot to take photos of the next few steps. But it’s very easy! Just glue on the hearts, hot glue the buttons, cut little slits at the top of the pennants and feed the rope (from back to front) through the slits and hang!


Sending love your way,


How to Clean a Microwave

There are a few things on my chore list that I find myself avoiding: cleaning the shower, hanging clean laundry, wiping down blinds, and cleaning the microwave. In our kitchen the microwave is up high which makes it even harder to get to, and therefore, less likely to be cleaned.

I was so excited when I came across this all natural suggestion for cleaning a microwave on Pinterest.

It’s so easy, isn’t full of chemicals, and smells wonderful!

Yep, that’s all you need.

1) a bowl of water
2) vanilla extract

Take a microwave safe bowl and fill it with 2 cups of water. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and microwave for 5 minutes.

Remove the bowl and wipe down the microwave with a cloth or paper towel. That’s it, so simple. Your microwave will smell like cookies!

I was impressed with how easily everything wiped right up. I also like to pour the water down my garage disposal to help freshen that up too.

Happy cleaning,


From Friday to Tuesday

I was blessed to spend my weekend here…

Now it’s a full day of this…

Happy Tuesday!


Change the world for ONE

In the summer of 2006 Jordan and I had the privilege to travel to Rwanda, Africa. It was life changing to say the least. God did beautiful things in our short time there! The land of a thousand hills radiates beauty, life, and hope despite the tragic genocide of 1994.

Our dear friends at Africa New Life are doing a beautiful job of providing a hope and future to the men, women, and children of Rwanda through their many programs. Check them out here– truly an amazing organization! Their secondary school in Kayonza was just named the #1 secondary school in the country of Rwanda!

We have been involved in the great works of Africa New Life but, for various reasons, have never had our own sponsored child. This Christmas season as we celebrated Advent and I read through The Hole in the Gospel, I knew it was time. I was inspired that God could use us to change one life. One dream. One future. One very important life.

And so Christmas morning as we unwrapped pretty packages and sipped our coffee, I gave my sweet Jordan a card describing my desire to sponsor. We rejoiced in knowing that sponsorship would not only change the life of a child, but ours as well.

This week our desire became a reality as we chose sweet Rebekah to be a part of our little family. She lives in the village of Kayonza, a community that is dear to us from our time in Rwanda.

Here she is! Isn’t she lovely?

Please know that my heart in sharing this story is not to make us sound great. We’re not. We should have done this a long time ago. But I would love to invite you to the joy of sponsorship. Pastor Charles of Africa New Life says,

You cannot change the world, but you can change the world for one.

What will you do this year? How will you make 2012 different by helping one child receive the funds necessary to go to school, eat healthy meals, and have their basic needs met? How can you leverage all that you’ve been given?

Click here if you’d like to sponsor a child today.

Thanks for reading,