These Lovely Burbs

organic produce delivered to your door!

Jordan and I both strive to eat the bulk of our meals as whole and natural as possible, but it can be hard! After watching a few food documentaries we were overwhelmed. Do we really know what’s in our food? Where to start? Can we even afford a better way to eat?

It’s all overwhelming. So we decided to start slooooow. First on dairy. Now we’ve started to tackle produce. I LOVE Winco- great prices, lots of bulk, and cheap cheap cheap! But Winco does not offer the best produce or very many organic products.

My dear friend Brittany over at Bebe A La Mode shared with me about an organic produce delivery she uses called Organics to You. This company is based in Portland and delivers a box right to your door of delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies. Let me say that again: delivered to your door. Amazing, right? She had nothing but wonderful things to say, so we decided to give it a try.

We love it!

Every other week, Thursdays to be exact, we get a box of produce delivered to our door. We chose the small box that costs $33 each time and is more than enough produce to last until the next one. We go through a lot of spinach, apples, and bananas so we buy extra of those items at Trader Joes when grocery shopping. You can request more of the things you love or ask to not get things you dislike and they will adjust your box accordingly.

It’s fun getting new foods we have never tried before and trying to figure out:
1) what it is
2) and what to do with it!

We have now enjoyed kiwi berries, delicata squash, beets, and a variety of greens!

Here’s a look inside our box from this past week:

Here’s a cute homemade video we saw on YouTube about why to eat organic produce.

Makes you wonder, right?


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