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mom’s bunco birthday

My sister and I had a ball throwing my mom a surprise party for her very special BIG birthday! Her friends did a great job keeping it a secret and we found out later that it was her very first surprise party- yes!

We decided to do a bunco party in bright and cheery blues and greens. Everyone brought $5 toward our big {sarcasm here} cash prize for the winners. We wanted to keep it simple with finger foods and, of course a cake! I have had my eye on an this gorgeous purple ombre cake from Pinterest, so we decided to try it out in the blues and greens. Click here to see my Pinterest board with inspiration for the party.

I think the best party planning tip I could give you is to consider what you already own when deciding on a theme for your party. We had the party at my parent’s house and because mom already loves decorating with blues and greens, it made it easy for us to coordinate with her style. I gathered all my blue Ball jars, white/green/blue servingware, and used spare fabric for the banners. We cut circles out of cardstock to add a pop of color to the tables without the expense normally attached to party centerpieces.

Alright, on to the pictures. This is a long post, you have been warned… :)

Who needs helium when you can just hang balloons upside down from the ceiling? I call it “The Balloon Chandelier”.

All of the ladies got a goodie bag at the start of the game and then traded each time they got a “Baby Bunco”. Whatever bag they had at the end of the game is the bag they took home.
another tip here: Did you know that in the paper plate, foil, baggie section of Target they sell the brown lunch bags in different colors? Yes! Red, blue, white, and ol’ trusty brown. They are under $2 for a big stack. I cut the tops with a Martha Stewart cutter I already owned and added a cute tape to finish it off.

My sister collected photos from different eras of my mom’s life and turned them into this great photo banner. It was so fun to see her throughout the years- wasn’t she a cutie?

And then there’s the food! My sister made these three yummy dips to go with homemade bread and dippers.

We also served calzone cupcakes with a marina sauce, coconut shrimp with an apricot sauce, stuffed mushrooms, and white wine sangria.

These chocolate dipped peanut butter pretzels are dangerously delicious!

Here’s the ombre cake! We really didn’t know how the gradient would turn out until we cut into it, so I think my sister and I were the most excited when my mom cut it and we saw all the colors just as we envisioned it!

Dad did a great job sneaking her out of the house for a few hours, and I love how surprised she was when she opened the door!

The happy birthday girl! (Where’s Waldo! Can you spot my rad senior picture?)

Happy birthday mom, you are such a joy to celebrate,


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