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Making Old Candles New Again

This Christmas we had fun making some of the gifts we gave to our loved ones. After coming across vintage tobacco tins at an antique store and little bowls on clearance at Anthro, we were ready to make candles!

I was surprised that it was so easy and a great way to resource old candles! All I needed was retired candles, and a pack of wicks that I got at Michaels. I cut up the candles and then added them to a metal bowl over a pot of water on the stove. (I didn’t want to use my double boiler because I thought it might leave a wax residue on something I use for food).

Next I dipped the base of the wicks in the melted wax and centered each one in the tin or ceramic bowls to help them stay put.

Once the wax was completely melted I poured it (carefully!) into the tins and bowls.

Here they are after drying for about 20 minutes. The bowls were great but the tins had a few bumpy spots. Once they were completed cooled I poked a few holes into each one and then added more hot wax over the top. This makes it so you have a nice even finish over the top.

And here is the final product in our friends Chris and Caitlin’s beautiful home!
(photo by Chris Low)


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