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Holiday Wrap Up Part 2

Jordan’s birthday falls just a week before Christmas, which can make December feel even more busy! This year we decided that because his birthday fell on a Saturday that we would take advantage of a day to slow down and enjoy each other and this joyful time of year!

Jordan has wanted a record player for a long time, so he started the morning with this little gift…

Bon Iver’s red vinyl album

Which led to a second, much larger gift….

Next we were on our way to breakfast with friends when we discovered a flat tire on our car! Jordan definitely proved his manliness by changing a tire on his birthday!

But we made it to Pine State Biscuits in NE Portland and it was amazing!

This beauty is called “The Reggie Deluxe” complete with: fried chicken, bacon, cheese, gravy, and an egg. I don’t even want to know the calorie count!

Thanks Chris & Caitlin for joining us for breakfast and window shopping on NE Alberta!

Next we went home, Jordan opened a few more gifts from friends (like this great Brownie camera to add to his vintage camera collection from our dear friend Jordan!) and we rested, made homemade pizza, and played games with good friends. All in all, a great birthday.


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