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Building our desk

A few months ago Jordan and I built a shared desk for our office. We previously had two rooms each with an office space and decided to create one long desk to share. Jordan works from home so he needs an office space and I need somewhere to pay bills, do projects, and such.

Here’s an iphone shot of the room before the desk:

Our dear friends bought a beautiful mid-century modern home and pulled these wooden shelves from the garage. We loved their rustic charm and it inspired us to create this desk. The first step was for Jordan and my dad to cut the shelves down to the right size.

We bought three Ikea kitchen cabinet pieces and assembled them in the office. Each cabinet has a drawer and cabinet with a shelf for storage.

Our friend Lance helped Jordan sand down the wood to buff out the spots and rough patches.

We absolutely love the color of the wood so we decided not to stain the top and leave it natural.

We used this wood wax to seal the wood and give it a beautiful shine. Isn’t the label fun?

Here it was a few months ago. We have since added apple crate shelves above the desk, new chairs, and mixed match knobs on the cabinets.

Check back next week for the finished product!


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  • I LOVE IT!!! You two are so crafty :) When Kurt and I upgrade from our little 1-bedroom LA apartment, I’m totally calling you for building tip!! :)

    • Thanks Meagan! It’s so good to hear from you! I’m sure you’re making that 1-bedroom look GREAT! :)

  • Beautiful space, my friends! You did a great job!

  • I’m making plans to build a similar desk, but I’m not sure my wall is long enough to accommodate two workstations. What are your measurements? Thanks so much!

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