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How to: Picture Frame Tray

Jordan & I discovered this beautiful map at a garage sale and love the simplicity of the blue and white design. We’ve been wanting to make a tray for our coffee table and this was the perfect fit!

Here is the frame in it’s original form.

First we gave it a coat of spray paint… my favorite thing!

Then we cut and fit the map, screwed the handles into the sides and now we have this fun little tray for our coffee table. It was quick and fun!

Thanks for reading,


You’re the Top: Personalized Mugs

In our home we love letting Valentine’s Day be a small thing. Our favorite gift to give each other is just a quiet night together. There’s always a never-ending list of things to do, so it is refreshing to rest and spend time together.

Jordan gave me this fun vintage magazine holder. I love how it looks like a harp!

I wanted to make personalized coffee mugs for Jordan because mornings are my favorite time with him. We enjoy playing cribbage, drinking coffee and catching up. This past summer we had fun watching The Dike Van Dyke Show on Netflix and this quickly became one of our favorite scenes:

So I used this great Porcelaine 150 pen (that I got at Michael’s). It’s so easy! Just write or draw whatever you want, let it sit overnight (for 24 hours) and then bake at 300* for 35 minutes.
tip about baking: put your mugs in the oven before heating it up to allow the mugs to heat up slowly. Then, once it is finished baking, turn the oven off and let the mugs cool in the oven before removing them. This will prevent the mugs from cracking due to sudden temperature change.

We strive to make each other “the top” over our own wants, or our own desires. What a sweet reminder each morning of this shared goal.



reason #234 why I love spray paint

My dear friend Caitlin bought this vintage fan for me. We plugged it in and it “works”, however the sparks and loud buzzing made for a slight problem. So we decided to spray paint it!

Ah, that’s better!

Happy Thursday,


Valentine’s Banner Tutorial

In honor of the beginning of February I decided to make a little Valentine’s banner last night.

I saw this darling one on Pinterest (of course!) from this great blog Simple As That and thought, “I can make that!”

Didn’t she do a great job? Here is my little picture tutorial of making the banner, but you can follow the full tutorial at the Simple As That blog here.

Here’s how I did it:

Okay, photo disclaimer… I didn’t realize until I was writing this post that the words on the page from the book seem a little sketch. Don’t worry, it’s from the book The Pilot’s Wife. Just happened to be a bad page to use for the picture. HA!

I got too excited making the banner that I forgot to take photos of the next few steps. But it’s very easy! Just glue on the hearts, hot glue the buttons, cut little slits at the top of the pennants and feed the rope (from back to front) through the slits and hang!


Sending love your way,


Building our desk

A few months ago Jordan and I built a shared desk for our office. We previously had two rooms each with an office space and decided to create one long desk to share. Jordan works from home so he needs an office space and I need somewhere to pay bills, do projects, and such.

Here’s an iphone shot of the room before the desk:

Our dear friends bought a beautiful mid-century modern home and pulled these wooden shelves from the garage. We loved their rustic charm and it inspired us to create this desk. The first step was for Jordan and my dad to cut the shelves down to the right size.

We bought three Ikea kitchen cabinet pieces and assembled them in the office. Each cabinet has a drawer and cabinet with a shelf for storage.

Our friend Lance helped Jordan sand down the wood to buff out the spots and rough patches.

We absolutely love the color of the wood so we decided not to stain the top and leave it natural.

We used this wood wax to seal the wood and give it a beautiful shine. Isn’t the label fun?

Here it was a few months ago. We have since added apple crate shelves above the desk, new chairs, and mixed match knobs on the cabinets.

Check back next week for the finished product!