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road trip: charleston

After our beautiful weekend in Savannah we said goodbye to Jordan’s parents and started the 2nd week of our vacation by heading up the coast to Charleston! Charleston, like Savannah, is so rich in history, charm, and class!

We started our time in Charleston with an amazing breakfast at Hominy Grill, a cute restaurant with amazing food! Next we walked up and down King Street ooohing and awwwing over all the beautiful shops, buildings, and restaurants.  We then headed down to the waterfront to see the historic area. I have to say I learned a lot on our trip! There was so much history about the civil war, the horrific reality of slavery, and our developing country.

After a full day of walking we started to head back to our car when it started raining. We’re from Portland so we’re used to rain, right? No! It was a total downpour, not like the drizzle we’re used to back home. We of course didn’t have an umbrella, were in flip flops, and Jordan had his camera without his bag. Oh my! We decided to run back to the car when we were hit with a giant splash of water from a car driving by. We. were. soaked. Needless to say, it was eventful and memorable!

This is King Street, it reminded us of Rodeo Drive in Hollywood.

The most beautiful Urban Outfitters we’ve ever seen! It used to be a theater and was stunning!

Only in Charleston do you see a donkey walking down the street, why not?

After eating so much Southern food, we decided to do Thai food for dinner at Basil and did not regret it, yum!

The hotel we stayed in was a little bit outside of Charleston on The Isle of Palm and we loved the beautiful view of the water…

but it was a little chilly!!

Up next: a quick stop in Charlotte and then off to Asheville, North Carolina!