These Lovely Burbs

About Me

Hello, my name is Jess! Thanks for stopping in to my blog.

I live in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and love our small town, neighborhood lifestyle. My darling husband (check him out here!) and I both grew up in the ‘burbs ourselves and appreciate it’s charm and warmth.

I value practicing frugality, doing it myself, and cooking healthfully. I am a life learner, which means a lot of failing and trying again! I hope to pass along tips and tricks I have learned along the way, while also continuing to learn from each of you!

When I’m not using my glue gun or perusing Pinterest, I enjoy my job with with fabulous volunteers at our church, where I am passionate about seeing others discover the love of Christ and live in daily pursuit of Him.

Journey with me as I embrace the loveliness of the everyday. So thankful to connect with you from my home to yours through this little blog. Be blessed sweet friends.